Are you looking to sweeten up your upcoming party, gathering, or just Friday night?  Auntie Apple cookies will be the hit of any occasion!  We love to sweeten up all types of events. 

 Auntie Apple can help highlight your conference, luncheon, or any festivity with our cookies. Inquire for more details about bringing your cookie ideas to life.

Ask about our custom logo, and edible image cookies.

cookies with attitude

We are a fully licensed and permitted home bakery specializing in custom hand-decorated vanilla sugar cookies. Pricing varies depending on detail and design, holler @ us for a precise quote. Two weeks notice is appreciated. 
​Hope to hear from you soon!

Auntie Apple


"If you suddenly find yourself in need of cookies depicting, say, your favorite hip hop star, Frida Kahlo, or a Simpsons-esque doughnut, Jennifer Salazar is your girl. The founder of Auntie Apple, an Alhambra-based home business, Salazar’s medium is the humble sugar cookie, which she shapes and painstakingly frosts into pop culture figures like Biggie Smalls, members of N.W.A., Madonna, Selena, and the cast of Star Wars to name a few. "

Valentina Silva

Los Angeles Magazine